Oracle VLDB data protection using OIM and Dell EMC BoostFS

Recently, I wrote an knowledge sharing article on protecting very large oracle DB using Oracle Incremental Merge (OIM) with Dell EMC BoostFS as part of the Dell EMC Proven Professional Knowledge Sharing Competition.

The BoostFS-based OIM backups discussed provide a simple, fast and efficient backup for any large Oracle database. The solution can be deployed in private or public cloud using either physical or virtual Data Domain. The key benefits here are the source de-duplication and compression offered by BoostFS for backup as well as the Compressed restore capability.

The knowledge sharing article can be downloaded here.

If you are a Dell EMC Proven Professional, you can also pen an idea, get invited to the Dell Technology World and win a bit of cash 🙂  Keep an eye on the next year competition here.


Author: ozprem

Enterprise Architect | Business Continuity | Databases | Data Protection | BOOST is the secret of my Energy 😎| Views are Personal

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